What We do

Establishing of Training Institute.

What we have done so far

Mamabits, with the aim to make several processes within the Bits-projects more efficient by sharing knowledge and services. And also to offer related services to other organizations working in the field of: multimedia, non-formal education, disadvantaged youth.

Kampabits in Uganda

One of the first projects MamaBits did was to set up KampaBits in Kampala Uganda. This was done in partnership with local partners. There was a similar need for youth in the Non formal settlement of Kampala to benefit from the now tested and successful Nairobits concept. MamaBit saw the need and set up organizational and programmatic set up for KampaBits in September 2010 in partnership with local partners. We are proud to report that KampaBits is still a thriving youth serving organization.


AruaBits in Uganda

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Other Bits in the family

After 2012, the Bit concept was taken over by Butterfly works with the leadership of Ineke Aquarius a cofounder of Butterfly works and MamaBits. Another Bits family was established in Hargeisa in Somalia. We are proud to note that HargaBits is still going strong and empowering youth in this context. Please see http://hargabits.com/ In Nigeria Ekobits ICT academy http://ekobits.academy/