What we can do for you

The Nairobits concept is unique and exemplary concept with proven high success rate. The success of Nairobits in other similar settings through MamaBits and the sister company of Butterfyworks has provided one of the founders and the founding manager of Nairobits with unique experiences that have given leverage to support clients as follows;

Our strategy

The success of Nairobits in other similar settings through MamaBits and the sister company Butterfyworks has provided us with unique experiences that have given us leverage to support clients in creating different ICT enabled solutions.

The strategy a partnership with willing partners requiring innovative ICT enabled solutions. MamaBits then provides consultancy to them at a reasonable fee. Some of our competences are as follows;

Our Key competences.

• We replicate the concept of Nairobits in similar circumstances as those of Nairobi’s non formal settlements in more countries (on request of local or international partners).

• Spread the benefits of our time and quality tested Youth ICT multimedia training curriculum and concepts in other setups with a high level of success.

• Equip other setups elsewhere in the world that reach a critical mass of youth with time tested life, entrepreneurial and employability skills.

• Fundraising and grant management.

• Mainstream gender in ICT projects and programs and ensure that girls and women’s concerns are integral part of projects to avoid perpetuating gender disparities in ICT

• We train and support youth to prepare for, bid and accomplish online jobs.

• Train women and youth in digital marketing to enable them put their business online and effectively grow their businesses online.

• Training of the trainers. We train ICT trainers not to just impact knowledge and skills but also prepare youth to become inquisitive and acquire soft and self-drive skills.

• Interim management of Youth Organizations / Training centers/ Outsourcing centers, ICT training hubs / etc.

Anne Ikiara, is a versatile development professional and entrepreneur with an excellent track record in working with the poor and marginalized women in ICT. Working as CEO of NairoBits, an organization dealing with youth and women empowerment through ICT, Anne enabled more than 6,000 women and girls from urban poor settlements across the African region to gain ICT skills that improved their lives economically, socially-culturally and politically.
Most notable is the entry of women and girls from disadvantaged communities to the formal ICT economy.
NairoBits’ concept grew in Kenya and other localities around the world. Through the training and exposure of these girls and women to ICT, lives of other women in their localities significantly improved and positive ripple effects are being felt in these localities. In recognition of this she won the 2009 Anita Borg Change Agent Award and social impact award in 2011.

Anne’s contribution in poverty alleviation in youth and women in ICT has been recognized by key organizations both in Kenya and abroad. Under her leadership, NairoBits has won several prestigious national and international awards.
Besides the field of ICT, Anne has made a remarkable contribution in research specific to women. In recognition, Anne has won several international research grant awards competitions, including the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) fellowships and Organization for Social Science in Eastern and Southern Africa(OSSREA) in Gender Issues Research grant competition in 2007.

Anne is a gender activist with technical skills in gender mainstreaming and advocacy. In management, Anne made her mark in the region by ably working as the Executive regional director for Africa with KNCV Tuberculosis foundation. She is currently the proprietor of MamaBits a socially responsible business that supports ICT organizations impacting technical and practical skills and opportunities to youth and women globally.

Anne holds a Diploma in HRM, BA in Social Work and MA in Gender and Development Studies from University of Nairobi. She is currently undertaking her PhD studies in Development studies from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture Science and Technology

Ineke is a seasoned development professional and astute serial entrepreneur with expertise in Social Behaviour Change Communication, Co-creation / Human Centred Design, Concept design and social branding, Social / Impact Business Development, Technology and innovation and Fundraising/Proposal management. Ineke has been a co-founder of several organizations among them NairoBits Trust, MamaBits LTD, Butterflywork, Co-vestor in Generous Minds Amsterdam, responsible for helping to grow good businesses to enlarge impact.

While working in Uganda she founded Design Hub Kampala where she was responsible for concept and set-up creation of a co-working and social innovation space in Kampala hosting 45 companies. Her exceptional achievement did not stop there, between 2015-2019 Ineke worked as the Managing Director of Mango Tree Uganda.
She was responsible for the overall strategic direction and business development of the company, was a Leader of technology innovation, new product design, networking and partnerships with prospective clients. Besides this she was the Manager of overall financial management and decision-making. Her key clients included World Food Programme, Booking.com, UN Women, BBC Media and Save the Children. As the program director of butterflyworks, Ineke was responsible for setting up several youth ICT based organisations that empower youth from low income communities all over the developing world with skills that are relevant to the global economy.

Some of them are Hargabits, Indusbits,Ekobits, and Addisbits among others. Besides being the cofounder, strategy and creative director for MamaBits, Ineke is also the co-founder and co-owner at Linking Pin an agency that supports clients to link communities through communication and design. Linking Pin co-creates concepts and communication tools and connects sustainable businesses to new markets. Ineke hold a Masters degree in Urban planning from the university